An UVC BOX is a machine that quickly, easily and without the use of chemicals disinfects the elements you place inside it. Put your devices into the box, follow the user guide and wait while the UVC BOX inactivates and kills the bacteria and vira on your devices. After the disinfection you can safely use your devices until they need to be disinfected again. 

How does the UVC BOX disinfect my devices?

The UVC BOX disinfects your devices with the use of UVC-light. UVC-light is a very effective and well-documented disinfection method that has been used for more than 100 years. 

UV exists in natural sun rays. The natural UVC will never reach the surface of the Earth as it is absorbed completely in the atmosphere. Ultraviolet (UV) light consists of light frequencies, that will mostly be invisible to the human eye. The UVC is highly effective for killing bacteria as the short wavelength can penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms. UVC light works because the microbes never have developed a defense against it, as the natural UVC light has never penetrated the atmosphere.  

The UVC-light destroys the DNA and RNA of the microbe’s cells and prevent the reproduction and multiplication of these cells.

You can read more about UVC-light and how it works here.

Is it safe to use an UVC BOX?

The UVC BOX is designed to protect you. The dangerous ultraviolet rays are safely contained in the box, so you do not risk eye or skin damage. The sensor-controlled door into the disinfection chamber is designed so that the ultraviolet lighting in the chamber automatically turns off if you try to open the door when used. UVC BOX can therefore be used completely without protective equipment. 

You can read more about safety, tests and compliances right here.

How long does it take UVC BOX to disinfect my devices?

Disinfecting your devices takes 2 minutes when you use the UVC BOX. You can read more about the use of an UVC BOX and find a guide on how to use it here. 

Does the UVC BOX disinfect against COVID-19 / Coronavirus?

Ultraviolet light destroys DNA from viruses, bacteria and fungi.