UVC BOX is tested by the Technological Institute,


The UVC BOX is designed  to ensure that the ultraviolet rays is kept safely inside the chamber, so there is no risk of eye or skin damage. The sensor-controlled door into the disinfection chamber is designed so that the ultraviolet lighting in the chamber automatically turns off if you try to open the door when in use . UVC BOX can be used by anyone and  without any protective equipment. UVC BOX has two safety sensors built in for maximum protection.

UVC BOX uses long-lasting 25 Watt UVC lamps of the highest quality, which ensures constant ultraviolet ilumination throughout the life of the lamp. The lamps have low mercury content and the UVC-light is filtered in such a way that it prevent the development of ozone. 

UVC BOX has been tested by The Danish Technological Institute for the bactericidal effect. Read the full report here

The Danish Technological Institute has tested UVC BOX for ozone depletion during use. Read the full report here

UVC BOX meets the following requirements and standards:

ISO 15858: 2016 (da)

UVC Devices – Safety Information – Permissible human exposure

EU Directive 2006/25 EC April 5 2006

Optical radiation BEK No. 562 of 26/5 2010 (Protection against artificial optical radiation at work)

Machinery Directive, Directive 2006/42 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006

The UVC BOX is CE-marked for electrical safety and EMC-tested.