An UVC BOX operates through sensor-controlled technology and is therefore also very effective when it comes to preventing Coronavirus (COVID-19). On the UVC BOX you will find the sensitive sensors, that opens and close the champer where your tools gets disinfected.  

The UVC box is in standby until the sensors are activated. The door to the champer will open and the objects you want to disinfect can now be placed in your UVC BOX. Again, the sensors are used to close the door and to start the actual disinfection. When the door is closed, the LED light changes to a red color and the disinfection lasts a total of 2 minutes.

When the disinfection is completed, the LED light turns green and the door can be opened by using the sensors. Your disinfected items can be removed from your UVC BOX and are now ready for use.

The door to the champer closes either manually or automatically after 1 minute. A blue and green LED light then indicates that the machine is now in service mode. You can reset this mode by holding both hands over the sensors for approx. 10 seconds until the green LED goes out.

You will find a complete user guide on how to use UVC BOX below. 


UVC-light is a very effective and well-documented disinfection method that has been used for more than 100 years. It was the Danish-Faroese scientist and Nobel laureate Nils Finsen who discovered that ultraviolet light had a special effect on bacteria. Therefore, UVC-light today is often used to disinfect equipment. For example, UVC-rays are used for air and water purification in hospitals and in food companies as well as in the water supply.

UVC-light can neutralize most types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. The UVC-light destroys the DNA and RNA of the cells and prevents the cells from reproducing and multiplying. UVC-light can reduce the effect of bacteria and viruses by more than 99.9999% depending on the strength of the light and the time the organisms are exposed.

Coronavirus is degraded by exposure to UVC-light. The best wavelengths for this are in the range of 250-280 Nm (one nanometer equals one billionth of a meter). The exact dose needed to inactivate COVID-19 is not known yet, but there is broad agreement among researchers that 1000 J / M will suffice.

When using UVC-light, it is important that the light hits the surface and illuminates bacteria and viruses. The light does not work in shadows and cannot penetrate dirt.

Large amounts of UVC-light are harmful to normal cells and especially the eye is particularly sensitive. However, the light can be easily shielded with non-transparent materials or approved windows so that you are not exposed to the ultraviolet light during use.

If you have any further questions about UVC light, please feel free to contact us!